Today, our present understanding of business has brought us many things but is not giving us answers anymore. The current models just raise new questions. From the environment to social relationships, current business values has become outmoded to many people. The emergence of triple bottom line thinking has changed our perceptions, but it is enough? Has our business MBA ideas run their course? For example, many small business people struggle with the idea of a traditional business model of maximum extraction or growing to beat the market. They feel helpless to find a better way and they are stuck in a consensus-based reality that does not acknowledge or admit to other, potentially deeper, ways of being in the world of business.

There is a different way. A Wellspring Business taps into the well of deep insight and thought that we have right in front of us. This way is even in tune with the way Indigenous people on this land have thought about the world for thousands of years. Once we realize that the answer is already contained here within us, the possibilities for a powerful new model for business arises.  We can access this wellspring together to open new ways of running a business and redefine for the world a third option.


Who am I? I’m an entrepreneur, strategist, father and writer. I’ve been working with progressive organizations for over 20 years, while running my own small business. I recently had an opportunity to consider what the impact of my company has been, as I decided to step back from the day to day and consider my work in life to date. And one thing I saw was that the way many people outside my company, in our mainstream culture, the media and most business circles, wasn’t the way I valued my company. I valued it for the social connections and lives I’d supported. I valued it for the clients and the relationships I’d had. The projects that meant something in the world. And I came to the awareness that many other small businesses maybe felt the same way.